Thursday, 4 April 2013

New Baby Sister!

So I do apologize!! I was babysitting for my best friend/sister/most amazing girl in the world's mother! She just had her third little girl, and me and my friend, Joobie, were looking after the two others (Felicity is 3 in one week and Eryn is 1.) This new little girl, Abigail as 6lb 10oz and is the cutest thing in the world! After looking after the two older ones for 4 days, Little Abi was so light!
Unfortunately, her mom wont allow any photos of her girls on the internet, so I have to refrain from showing her adorable little face to you guys! But look forward to some updates from them!

Felicity was the cutest when meeting Little Abi for the first time. When Abi started moving as she was holding (with help!) her, Felicity said, 'Dont worry, Aba-kale, I've got you. I love you.' Yes, with her cute little 2 year old language, her name is Abakale.

Anyway, so I do have an explanation, and I did try this post 2 days ago, but my phone went haywire (probably because of the 4 days worth of dried weet-bix and oatmeal in it!)

I'm back at home now, no uncomfortable couch for me anymore! And I'm watching An Idiot Abroad. I have a feeling if I do ever travel thats what I will be like! It's funny, im enjoying it, but time to call my uncle and catch up on a few things by my internet friends!!

Love you guys!!

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