Friday, 29 March 2013


So when I first started blogging, I was regularly reading blogs about motherhood/DIY/home style. I am only 20 and have no children, so while it was interesting reading those sorts of blogs, I couldnt apply anything I read to my life. I personally think that if you want to read a blog, it should be about something interesting that will get your attention, and you can apply to your life in some way.
I definitely think the beginning of my little blog definitely shows what sort of blog this was trying to be!!
But recently, I have been reading a lot about simple living and watching documentaries and things. I want to live a more simple, peaceful life, and I am willing to work for it! I have moved off the future planning blogs and have moved onto the present change types of blogs, and it has definitely changed my outlook!!

So, just warning I am changing a few things in my life, and, I am hoping, will reflect on my blog and through my words. Everything will have meaning now. Thats my goal.

I am now sitting here, typing this, while my boyfriend's family are playing a board game. It's nice to watch familys get together and spend time together, especially at Easter, when spending time with friends and family is whats important to our souls.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend, and I will be writing more posts as soon as I can!

p.s. If you have any documentaries or books you could recommend, that would be great!! I am running out of ideas!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

So many plans...

Have you ever had so many plans that have failed miserably?
Today, I was going to write more posts and have them scheduled, work for 3 hours, buy plants, re pot the plants, do more gardening and then see my boyfriend and then sleep.
It all started out wrong, it was raining. Hard. I had a cold, a massive headache and I hadnt slept well. I had overslept so rushed out of my room to find my 2 sisters and my mom all ill as well. I quickly made sure everyone was okay then ran to work in the hopes of getting there semi decently (when I say 'ran', I was tying my shoes and brushing my teeth in the girls toilets at work! I was hurried!)

My headache got worse, and the rain was making everything in the store humid and gross.
Finally my shift ended and I ran home to change and get ready to go buy my plants. I changed was walking out the door when my phone rang. It was work again.
So I quickly bought a few plants, then went straight back to work, which wasnt too bad except Easter = bad for checkout chicks! My shift for tomorrow got changed yet again, but means I get to see Tom quicker! (silver lining!)
After leaving at 7:30, I came home to find my sister about to be taken to hospital with appendicitis. Great.

I havent heard much from them yet, but I really need sleep! You know the point where you cant stay up any longer!!!!
Anyway, Im off, ill tell you how my sister is getting tomorrow! Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Nerd and I'm proud!!

Now, I dont know the technical term for a nerd, or the difference between a geek and a nerd, but in time, i suppose they have become one and the same thing.
With myself, you wont get just one type of nerd. Here's what I mean.

Computer nerd.  I love computers and how they work. I have a lot of books about Java, HTML, CSS etc and I love learning from it

Science Fiction Nerd. Doctor Who. Star Trek. Sherlock. Torchwood. Harry Potter. You get the picture :P

Game Nerd. Now, this isnt a strong one. I dont play many games, but its usually just old style games off (seriously, awesome!) 

I enjoy drawing anime, but I dont watch any of it, so I cant really say I am that type of nerd, but you know, ill mention it 

Music Nerd. Apparently according to this, knowing a lot about music makes you a nerd, so there I am!!! I have a large record, cd and cassette tape collection and I am very proud of them all! 

Book Nerd. I have a very, very large collection of books. I have some in boxes at the top of my cupboard, stored under my bed and stored at my boyfriends place. I no longer have space. The End.

But the biggest thing of all that I am is a science nerd. (mainly biology) I am a huge lover of biology. I did it my final year of high school, and loved every minute of it. (If i went to university, i would be doing science!) 
Because of my love of science, a lot of my work is based around it. I have collected a lot of books on biology and work off diagrams and such out of them. 

ANYWAY, that was a long winded introduction for my new art project. 
I saw this by artist Kacie D. (Awesome artist!) and I am in love with the project. I would love to re-do these in my own way, so I am going to! Then i will laminate them and have them as a wall art! GREAT IDEAA!

Let me know what you think of them! And check out Kacie's work. Awesome stuff!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Everything Girl

Hellooo, Everyone!! I am back! I havenon 't been posting much (almost a month eee!) and I am ready to get back into it. I have been working on my garden, which I will post the progress on here soon, as well as working at my normal supermarket job (a lot, just to repay the cost of my car!) and trying to keep everyone happy by being social and not spending so much time on my computer! Ahh!

But I thought to celebrate my return to the blogging world, I would explain that I am definitely an Everything Girl. That is my very professional title I have given myself. I will always start a hobby and then when I get reasonably good at whatever this hobby is, I move onto the next one. I am far from a perfectionist and that is why I like it! Unfortunately, My boyfriend is the complete opposite, so we arent very organized :P I started this blog as a way to organize my thoughts, but it too turned into one of my hobbies :P But hopefully this one wont end!

Anyway, I just wanted to say I am back! and expect a lot more from me in the next month or so! 
Thanks for sticking with me! 

P.S. How do you like my new paisley background??? Im looking forward to it being more bright :) Who knows when it will change again! :P 

Friday, 1 March 2013


I dont know why, but it always shocks me when its the last day of February. 2 months have already gone by for 2013! Thats so scary!!
For my family, we generally have March as a time where we re-asses our goals for the year, and have a month of something. For instance, my mom and my sister are having Healthy March. Cutting out bad foods, taking in good foods and getting exercise. Mine, on the other hand, is to do with money. I am only allowed to buy food I need, and pay bills. Anything else is gone! I am going to track my progress on here, so that I have to keep doing it :)
I had a bit of a mind-set change for February. I am becoming more sure of what I want to be doing with my days, and I feel like I know what the future holds. (I know, thats brave saying that!)

My goals I have managed to stick with so far,
-Get outside/off technology as much as possible
-Get my brain active (I'm learning French!)
-Enjoy the little things
-Stress Less

I havent done so well with a few, for instance taking more photos, or being more social. It's hard to keep up!! But eventually, I will get them all under control. I hope! This month, I will do a lot better at the saving money thing!!

Well, thats a little insight to my goals so far, I have to go to work now unfortunately.
Have a great day!!