Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Inspiration Station

There unfortunately was a sickness going around where you have a cold and then 2 weeks later you get struck down with a horrible, horrible feeling of no energy, no eating, or sleeping during the night and how my immune system is, I got it bad. It hurt my head to sit up, and to look at screens. But I am much better now and can move on to my posting! Yay! So, mainly, sorry for not being around! I have a lot of catching up on!


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Love you guys! Thanks for sticking by me!

Monday, 15 July 2013

I have a plan...

I would first like to say Rest in Peace Cory Monteith. Such a huge loss to the world. I watched the first couple of seasons of Glee, so I know what a talent he was. Way too young.


I have a notebook. I have a notebook where I write everything that I am going to do on my blog, and I have been reading over it this morning and realizing just how much I have forgotten to blog about! So this morning, I have 3 hours until I start work, so I am going to be hurriedly typing to get as much as I can done in three hours. So that is my plan.
I have read so many things that say dont work in bed in regards to working from home (and I see this blog as a job) and some say you should get up, get dressed in 'work' clothes and stay like that. That is all good for some people, but for me one of the benefits of doing this blog, is that I can lie around in bed in my pajamas, and blog at the same time! Isn't it great!? I'm sure once my Etsy business gets going I will realize why they have said that, but for now, I am loving doing it the way I do!
Anyway, I am off to writing now!

Have a good day/night!

Money, Money, Money...more than just an ABBA song?

Hello, my chickens!
Today's musings is about money and everything associated with it.
Let's start off with saying I am bad at saving money. Phew! Glad to get that out there! Every time I see a CD I don't have, a new issue of a magazine, or new DVD's I go a little spending crazy and completely disregard my budget and my saving plans. (As you can see, entertainment is a huge part of my life :P)

But, something has changed this last week. Officeworks, my local stationary store, has brought our a new line of notebooks, and lucky me, one is a budget book!
Now, I have tried budgeting in the past, I have bought books, downloaded things off the internet, drawn tables myself. Nothing has worked so far! I am currently in the 5th day of this new budget book (I am doing the spending diary part of it at the moment) and it is working great!
I can see that in two days I spent over $100 in entertainment and I can see both what I need to cut back and what I can fix in terms of budgeting.
I am the type of girl that needs a page with columns and ideas, but not everyone is like that, so pretty much my advice to you is, do it that helps you the best. I wouldnt want to be stuck in something that I cant keep up with!
Onto the next part!

I am on the verge of opening my Etsy shop, I have a regular part time job and I baby sit one morning a week...Anyone have ideas on where I can earn a little bit of extra money? What have you started? Any financial planning blogs that you can add to my list? I will post a link with all of my favorite blog links in the next couple of days as well.

I am so excited to be getting all the stuff I have been working on out to you all!! I also think I have finally solved my major design problem, so getting on to that in the next few days! Yay!

I hope you all have an amazing day or night wherever you are!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Phone Photos This Week

Hello, my pretties!!
I do apologize for not posting. I have been painting, painting and more painting. Why? Well, at the beginning of the year I set a date for when my Etsy shop would open. (I need deadlines!) That date is July 30th.
I slightly am not prepared. Actually, I am really not prepared! I have got all the business side of things organized, but not so much with the content!
So, blogging has taken a backseat until I feel on top of things :)
It has been pouring with rain the last few days! Winter is making me love staying inside and paint all day! It helps that my boyfriend is currently on a trip away with his friends, so I get to spend my days off painting instead of getting distracted.

Here are some photos of the last few days to make up from leaving you all!

One of these is not quite like the others!

Finally did more! Still not finished.

The unfinished project looks really creepy!

Finally home from work! This is my painting/comfy clothes!

Rain, Rain!
Hope you guys have a fantastic week! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

A is for Art

Hello there!! Welcome to one of my new features!! This one is called '26 Days of Aimee Owl.' Pretty much, I am going to be posting something to do with me, alphabetically. So today's is 'A'!  I am excited about this, and I would love to promise every day, but thats not going to happen. I have a lot of things happening and finding time to take photos/write posts etc, is going to be quite difficult!!

So today's is art.
Art is a huge one for me, I LOVE trying new things and I even enjoy my fails as it means I can learn new processes.

Thanks for tuning into Part 1!