Friday, 29 March 2013


So when I first started blogging, I was regularly reading blogs about motherhood/DIY/home style. I am only 20 and have no children, so while it was interesting reading those sorts of blogs, I couldnt apply anything I read to my life. I personally think that if you want to read a blog, it should be about something interesting that will get your attention, and you can apply to your life in some way.
I definitely think the beginning of my little blog definitely shows what sort of blog this was trying to be!!
But recently, I have been reading a lot about simple living and watching documentaries and things. I want to live a more simple, peaceful life, and I am willing to work for it! I have moved off the future planning blogs and have moved onto the present change types of blogs, and it has definitely changed my outlook!!

So, just warning I am changing a few things in my life, and, I am hoping, will reflect on my blog and through my words. Everything will have meaning now. Thats my goal.

I am now sitting here, typing this, while my boyfriend's family are playing a board game. It's nice to watch familys get together and spend time together, especially at Easter, when spending time with friends and family is whats important to our souls.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend, and I will be writing more posts as soon as I can!

p.s. If you have any documentaries or books you could recommend, that would be great!! I am running out of ideas!


  1. Hey Aimee! I nominated you for a Liebster Award!
    Check out my blog for details :-)

    xxx Sabrina

  2. Your sidebar fonts are adorable. xo

  3. wow, Sabrina! Thanks! I read your blog whenever I can, and I actually read your post before I read your comment, so it was very exciting!

    Thanks, Lauren! A shame they dont work as link yets, but getting there!