Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Mt. Lofty Walks!

In Adelaide, we have Mount Lofty. Its 727m above sea level, and it is one tough climb for an amateur hiker like I am!! It just goes up and up and up!!! It took us 3 hours to climb and down, and 2 of those hours were up! Down was easy!
Anyway, Tom and I went to climb it one day we decided it was time :P I have climbed it many times before, but this was going to be Tom's first time. It happened to be raining the morning we went. Still, it made it better then being hot! But because of that, when we got to the top, there was fog everywhere! You couldnt see a single thing.
Well, here are the few pictures I took when it wasnt raining (really need to buy a water proof cover for my camera!)

It was very fun, tiring and wet, and a great experience. We found out at the top that the quickest someone has gone up it is 23 took us 2 hours!

'Here is the test to find out if your mission on Earth is finished: If you are alive, it isnt.'' -Richard Bach

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