Saturday, 14 April 2012


Hello and welcome, if you are coming here from my new facebook page!
(if you're not,

I have a few new projects to upload on here, so as soon as I have some time, i will add some photos and tutorials :)

Love from,
Miss Owl B

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

DIY Roller Blind Revamp

So, about a year ago, I completely renovated my room, I had cupboards added, new carpet, new furniture, all the good stuff, but there was one big eyesore, and that was the roller blind covering my window. Now, my window is large and long (178cm x 152cm) and the blind covering it stands out as the main attraction. The blind was originally a white/grey color and broken (very broken, it had been broken since my family moved into this house), so I figured if I was going to put up with it being broken, i needed to re-vamp it a bit!
Seeing as I only get about 1 day a week to work on it, I will have to post updates on it, as it is quite a big project.
I will have to post photos of it tomorrow, when I can sort it all out!

Love to all!
Miss Owl B

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts! I am going to start writing a few in advance and scheduling them to post when I'm at my busiest! I have started a new job, and I have been working a LOT recently, but it was all worth it once I got the lovely first paycheck! I haven't really managed to get crafts done this week, except for one major project that I started and will post an update in just a minute.
I'm still getting stuck into working out the design of this site, and soon it will be up and running as usual!
Looking forward to having it finished!
Love, hugs, and jellybugs!
Miss Owl B