Thursday, 26 September 2013


Helloo out there!

I am off to Sydney for a couple of days (yay! holidays!), so won't be around for the weekend, those who have ordered shoes in the last couple of days, I will get them done as soon as I get back and then they will be on the way! :D

Tom and I are going on what I have been calling, 'The Bookshop Tour' of Sydney. We don't want to do any of the tourist-y things, so it is going to be markets and bookshops that we have never seen before! I am pretty excited about that.

Well, I will get back in touch as soon as I get back, after that I still have 2 and a half weeks of holidays, so pretty excited to get updated on everything!

Hope you guys are having a fantastic day/night and I will be back in no time.

I love all of you...

Sunday, 22 September 2013



The movie, Goddess. Who doesn't love a bit of Ronan Keating or Magda Szubanski being that little bit naughty. Also, yay, musical! 

One Direction's first album and Matthew Morrison's latest. We all love some difference.

Fiction: Still reading Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. (Damn, its tough!) Also, Wild Designs by Katie Fforde (favourite author right there) 
Non-Fiction: Eating the Sun by Oliver Morton and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Long phone calls with a new friend, holidays!, my little garden (gives me so much joy watching it grow!), trip to Sydney in 3 days, great new opportunities!

Not loving: 
Having a lot of mosquito bites already, Spanish classes finishing for the term, technology problems, people not being who you thought they were

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Not forgotten!

Just a quick pop in to say that I have not forgotten you all! I am still around, I just have been very busy!
I will tell you all about it as soon as I have a break in 3 days!
Love you all!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hard to believe...

It is a bit of a crazy week this week! I worked double the hours I normally do, it was Fathers day, my dads birthday, my cousins birthday and my friends mom's birthday this week, it's my boyfriends birthday tomorrow and then election day on Saturday. Crrazy! 
I have been doing quite a few craft projects the last few days, so I am looking forward to posting those within a few weeks. I have 2 new shoes to upload onto Etsy and at least 4 more to paint! 
Tom and I are having a joint 21st party next month and I have got so many craft projects and decoration ideas that I really need to get started on! Bring it on! I love being busy, it makes life fun. :) 

With what has been happening recently, my blog has been the one suffering, but that is okay. Every now and then, it is important to look up from the computer screen and focus on what is going on around you. 
I just keep writing the word crazy and then deleting it, because when I think about what I have to do this month crazy is the only word that comes up! 

Well, I had best be off doing something else. 
Hope you all have a very lovely day/night!

Love to everyone! 

Monday, 2 September 2013

Fathers Day!

First of all, happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there!! and secondly, happy spring!
I have had a very busy couple of days. First I went volunteering on Friday morning, then had work, then slept, then had work again, then had my beautiful little cousins 18th birthday party (eep! 18 already!), and it was fathers day and we had joint 18th birthday/fathers day lunch, then fathers day dinner for the other side of the family. Craziness, but so much fun. I love how close my family is! Makes life more enjoyable when you can spend it with people you love :)

I wanted to post a quick post saying that the next week is going to be crazy, so probably wont get to post much, but I am working on it. I am also working on changing to my spring theme for my blog, and I am in the first draft. Not so keen on it, but I havent had much opportunity to fix it yet!!

But while the weather is so amazing, I am spending more time outdoors with my family (which means yay outing posts!) but means less time on here with you lovely people. :)
I have been getting quite a few shoe orders now, so thanks to all those lovely people! Getting busy on those very soon.

Alright, It has been a very tiring and social weekend, so I am ready for sleep! My eyes are closing just typing this. Goodnight, lovely people!