Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Nerd and I'm proud!!

Now, I dont know the technical term for a nerd, or the difference between a geek and a nerd, but in time, i suppose they have become one and the same thing.
With myself, you wont get just one type of nerd. Here's what I mean.

Computer nerd.  I love computers and how they work. I have a lot of books about Java, HTML, CSS etc and I love learning from it

Science Fiction Nerd. Doctor Who. Star Trek. Sherlock. Torchwood. Harry Potter. You get the picture :P

Game Nerd. Now, this isnt a strong one. I dont play many games, but its usually just old style games off snesbox.com (seriously, awesome!) 

I enjoy drawing anime, but I dont watch any of it, so I cant really say I am that type of nerd, but you know, ill mention it 

Music Nerd. Apparently according to this, knowing a lot about music makes you a nerd, so there I am!!! I have a large record, cd and cassette tape collection and I am very proud of them all! 

Book Nerd. I have a very, very large collection of books. I have some in boxes at the top of my cupboard, stored under my bed and stored at my boyfriends place. I no longer have space. The End.

But the biggest thing of all that I am is a science nerd. (mainly biology) I am a huge lover of biology. I did it my final year of high school, and loved every minute of it. (If i went to university, i would be doing science!) 
Because of my love of science, a lot of my work is based around it. I have collected a lot of books on biology and work off diagrams and such out of them. 

ANYWAY, that was a long winded introduction for my new art project. 
I saw this by artist Kacie D. (Awesome artist!) and I am in love with the project. I would love to re-do these in my own way, so I am going to! Then i will laminate them and have them as a wall art! GREAT IDEAA!

Let me know what you think of them! And check out Kacie's work. Awesome stuff!

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