Wednesday, 27 March 2013

So many plans...

Have you ever had so many plans that have failed miserably?
Today, I was going to write more posts and have them scheduled, work for 3 hours, buy plants, re pot the plants, do more gardening and then see my boyfriend and then sleep.
It all started out wrong, it was raining. Hard. I had a cold, a massive headache and I hadnt slept well. I had overslept so rushed out of my room to find my 2 sisters and my mom all ill as well. I quickly made sure everyone was okay then ran to work in the hopes of getting there semi decently (when I say 'ran', I was tying my shoes and brushing my teeth in the girls toilets at work! I was hurried!)

My headache got worse, and the rain was making everything in the store humid and gross.
Finally my shift ended and I ran home to change and get ready to go buy my plants. I changed was walking out the door when my phone rang. It was work again.
So I quickly bought a few plants, then went straight back to work, which wasnt too bad except Easter = bad for checkout chicks! My shift for tomorrow got changed yet again, but means I get to see Tom quicker! (silver lining!)
After leaving at 7:30, I came home to find my sister about to be taken to hospital with appendicitis. Great.

I havent heard much from them yet, but I really need sleep! You know the point where you cant stay up any longer!!!!
Anyway, Im off, ill tell you how my sister is getting tomorrow! Hopefully, tomorrow is a better day!!

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