Friday, 1 March 2013


I dont know why, but it always shocks me when its the last day of February. 2 months have already gone by for 2013! Thats so scary!!
For my family, we generally have March as a time where we re-asses our goals for the year, and have a month of something. For instance, my mom and my sister are having Healthy March. Cutting out bad foods, taking in good foods and getting exercise. Mine, on the other hand, is to do with money. I am only allowed to buy food I need, and pay bills. Anything else is gone! I am going to track my progress on here, so that I have to keep doing it :)
I had a bit of a mind-set change for February. I am becoming more sure of what I want to be doing with my days, and I feel like I know what the future holds. (I know, thats brave saying that!)

My goals I have managed to stick with so far,
-Get outside/off technology as much as possible
-Get my brain active (I'm learning French!)
-Enjoy the little things
-Stress Less

I havent done so well with a few, for instance taking more photos, or being more social. It's hard to keep up!! But eventually, I will get them all under control. I hope! This month, I will do a lot better at the saving money thing!!

Well, thats a little insight to my goals so far, I have to go to work now unfortunately.
Have a great day!!

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