Monday, 21 January 2013

Playlist No. 2

Today's playlist is all just Australian female artists. I have been listening a lot to these artists recently, so I thought I would show you!

1. Everyone's Waiting- Missy Higgins

I have always been a fan of Missy Higgins, but her newer stuff seems to be so much better. I really love her style of singing and the acoustic-ness about her songs. This song is off her latest CD, which is absolutely brilliant!!

2. Holy Moses-Washington 

A little bit of a weird music video, but this song is so catchy, I always want to dance! And who doesnt love a song with a kazoo solo.

3. Gotcha- Jessica Mauboy

Weirdly, I couldnt find the music video for it, despite me watching it on YouTube (blogger couldnt find it!)
Anyway, this is a song from the movie, The Sapphires. I personally havent seen it, but this song has been played on Australian radios for a long, long time. Another really catchy one. She has a lot of others, but so far, this is my favorite.

4. Do It Like That - Ricki-Lee Coulter

I have a lot of respect for Ricki-Lee. She auditioned for Australian Idol in 2003, didnt get in, then came close to winning it in 2004. She dropped off the Australian music radar for several years, but has just recently risen to the top again. Unfortunately, her rise has come with the whole 'sex sells' motto, and thats not really what I look for in a good artist. I like people who are different in the industry, but oh well, this is her song Do It Like That, her most recent single. It's a cheerful, colorful video, just dont watch it too closely.

5. Dancing To The Same Song - Elen Levon 

I was expecting a little more from this video. She knows how to dance professionally! The song is cute and upbeat, but this song does not do her amazing voice justice. Great personality, I have seen her on interviews and things, but still a little disappointed with the overall song/video combination.

Well, there we are!! Today's 5 songs!
I hope you enjoy, and if there are any songs/books/videos/movies you want me to review or listen to, let me know in the comments!!!

Thanks for watching!

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