Friday, 25 January 2013


Have you ever been so disappointed with something that you feel like everything is going to fall to pieces around you and nothing will be right again?
Dont worry, I feel it too. I felt it the other day. But trust me, it will get better!

I was looking for a long time for a new car. I searched online most nights and then I went and looked through a few dealers lots, never found anything I truly liked. Then one day, something came up online.
I called the place, and decided to go out and look at it/test drive it etc.
The problem was it was an hour and a half away from where I live. But i was determined! (and I really needed a car!) So I went out there, my mom came with me, and went searching for this car.
It was no where to be seen. It had disappeared (I checked online later, and it was still listed!) But, I decided to look around at the dealers there. Then I saw it. The perfect car for me! It was cheap, automatic, red and low mileage.
I talked to the dealer and said I would come back in the next few days and drive it. I went home and decided I would go the next day.

The next day rolled around and I called up the dealers. I mentioned my name and what I was looking at yesterday and he said he remembered me and that I could come out and test drive it that day at 4.
I carefully mentioned that I lived an hour and a half away, and that I would definitely buy it if the test drive went well, so I definitely needed a reason to go out all that way. He assured me it would be sitting there waiting for me.
4:00 rolled around and we (my boyfriend came with me this time) rocked up on the dot of it. I saw the car waiting there with the stickers off, waiting to be driven by me. I walked in the door and saw the guy with a couple obviously buying a car. Here's the conversation next:

Me: I'm here to test drive the Mazda 323 in the drive there.
Guy: Oh, so youre the guys we were waiting for.
Me: Yes, I'm Aimee Owl (I used my real name, obviously!)
Guy: I'm sorry. We just sold it to these guys.
Me: But I told the guy on the phone that I lived on the other side of town and wanted it.
Couple buying car: Next time put a deposit on it,
Tom: Lets go, Aimee
Guy: You wanna look at our other cars instead?
Me: No!

I left there in a hurry and then burst into tears. I was so hurt by people that I didnt know, didnt know me, and definitely werent ever going to care about me, but it still wasnt right.
I went home and started searching harder then ever. And I found one! Private seller this time, I have it outside my house as we speak. I test drove it yesterday and paid for it today!

My lesson learned: People will hurt you, you just have to try harder than ever to succeed and not get pushed down by people! (Oh, and I learnt that dealers are as worse as you see on TV. Idiots.)

Anyway, there was my little rant, I'm sure people have had good experiences buying cars from dealers, and if you have, let me know! And if you havent also let me know! I want to hear stories.
Thanks for reading!

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