Friday, 4 January 2013

Isn't it!?

My mother recently found this magnet and said it reminded her of me. Can't see why?!
'You mean that shopping for more useless crap isn't the meaning of life!?'

If my life could be put into 13 words on a magnet, that would be it. I go to the op shop (thrift store, whatever you choose to call it) just around the corner from my house. It's called Savers, my comedian Dad (yes, he thinks he is hilarious) has started calling it Spenders for me, just because I buy so much stuff.
I have a tendency to spend a lot, on things that I think I will someday use, even though there isnt much change of that.
Most recently (yesterday, in fact) I bought 7 books, 4 CDs, 3 DVDs, 5 Vinyl Records, and some material, for $25. I see that as a bargain, my boyfriend and my family see that as spending money that I wouldnt have spent normally. Ah well, cant please them all!

I love cheap deals and other bargains. 2 days before Christmas 2012, I got an entire outfit (shoes, dress, jacket, necklace and headband) for $20. Some people call it weird, I call it being smart with what I buy!! You'll always see me at the bargain racks or sale items before even looking at the more expensive items.
I know I'm not alone out there! Let me know if you are the same, and whats the best deal you've ever gotten!

Anyway, Have a great day!
-Aimee Owl. xx

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