Saturday, 19 January 2013


It was finally a break in the hot weather yesterday. It was lovely. Still sunny, but with a nice cool change.
I decided to take advantage of it, and my boyfriend and I went blackberry picking!

In Adelaide, South Australia, there is a national park called Belair National Park. In Belair, blackberry bushes are considered a weed. There are thousands of bushes full of them!
Unfortunately for us, we went a little earlier then usual, so not many of the blackberrys were ripe yet. I plan to go back in a few weeks, and hopefully get some more!

We only saw one koala, usually we see at least 3 at Belair (We didnt go so far this time).
It really got me a chance to use my other lens, I mainly just use my smaller lens, but I still dont know what really I am doing with it!!

I then got home to find the newest members to my family:
Meet Patrick

And Camelot!

They've sort of taken a liking to Tom. Especially Cammy. They are both 10 weeks old, and we adopted them from the RSPCA. They were in the same cage, but no one knows if they are from the same litter. 
At the moment, they are not very stable on their feet, they cant land very well. 

Have a glorious day!

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