Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This Saturday...(catch up!)

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen!! Welcome to my first feature! Technically, this one was for last Saturday, and I will be doing one again in a few days, but I took the photos and had already typed out this blog, so I wanted to post it!! 

Ok, so last Saturday's weather was crazy. It was cloudy all morning and by midday it started pouring with rain. Now, I love the rain. I love winter, the cold and water! Unfortunately, Adelaide doesnt get very cold winters, but I'm fine for now :D. 

So, what my craft for Saturday was knitting! I currently have 2 knitting projects going at the moment; a scarfe for me, and a pair of slipper socks for my boyfriend. 
I only just started the scarfe, but here is how far i am up to:
(You can see my honey playing playstation in the background! We were quite happy just doing our own thing that day!)

So that was what I spent my Saturday afternoon/night doing. Not the typical 19 year old, I know! (I get that a lot!) 

Just a quick sidenote, I got to eat these biscuits while working today:
They are indeed heaven in a biscuit!! 

Looking forward to the weekend!! only 1 more day to go, then no more work until Monday! Going on a little 'getaway' with my boyfriend, best plan ever!

Love to all!
Miss Owl B.

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