Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A Day with my Love

Hello Hello Hello!! So I thought seeing as I am still in the 'renovation' part of my blog, it's still readable! As I have been dying to share some of these posts and new features, I thought I might as well start somewhere!

Today marks the date of 6 months for me and my boyfriend! The time has gone incredibly quickly, and I'm looking forward to the rest of my life with him! (For those who don't know, we were best friends for a year and then started dating!) But I was struggling to come up with ideas of what to do for it. I knew exactly where I wanted to eat food, I had wanted to go there for quite a while, so was happy when this idea came up!
Than, my honey recommended going into the Adelaide Botanical Gardens and walking around, being a bit of a nature lover, i thought that was the best idea ever!
We planned to do it today, but that got interrupted when we found out my first shift of my new job was this afternoon, so we decided to celebrate yesterday.

I am a pretty keen painter/artist (though not very good!) so I decided that i was going to take my art stuff to the Gardens and maybe paint a bit.
So here is what i took!
1. Video Camera! I am in the process of making a video all about my hometown for my best friend who lives overseas! Who could resist the urge to take it to the Botanical Gardens anyway!
2. Digital Camera. My digital camera has been sort of neglected since my video camera found its way into my house. I was determined to use it again!
3. Umbrella! The weather has been very unpredictable in Adelaide recently, hot and sunny one minute, cold and rainy the next. The forecast said cloudy, i wasnt going to risk it.
4. My series of art books. I bought my landscape sketchpad, my smaller art book, my notebook, and (its not in the picture) but a very small sketch pad. 
5. My watercolor paint set. This was part of my Valentine's Day present from my darling, and i love it so much! Cant get enough of it, easy to carry and easy to use! It also comes with a sketch pad inside.
6. General stationary, which for me is: a sharpener (Disney princess one, ftw!), 2 HP lead pencils, a ruler, an eraser, my charcoal pencil (amazing), a black pen, and a blue pen. 

What do you take when you go out for the day??

So after that, I was all set. 
Since I was driving, I picked Tom and up and we headed out for our adventure!

We went to Boho Bar and Lounge for lunch. It was just as amazing as I remembered. Seeing as I didnt take any photos in the restaurant, here are a few from the internet. 

Tom loved it as he was able to sit on comfortable chairs and eat at the same time! The atmosphere and decoration in it is amazing. Definitely my style! Food came out quickly, it was half price menu between certain times, which meant we could afford it! We had a quiet corner and we ate and talked and had a lot of fun. At night, there is a section upstairs that turns into a night club, which also looks amazing! We both have been quite stressed recently, Tom waiting to hear about a job he may have, and me getting my new job, all stuff that makes us quite tense!

After struggling with traffic and idiot drivers, we managed to get the Botanical Gardens. Such a beautiful place!

Anyway, I did get some sketching done, which was what i was hoping for! They didnt really turn out well, but i've got photos to help me :P

Anyway, off now!
Miss Owl B.

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