Friday, 2 March 2012

C&S: T-shirt Quilt. My Steps 1 and 2.

Step 1!
Ok, so my step 1, was collect ALL of the shirts that we have and sort through them! (this surprisingly took a long time!) So once i had sorted all the ones that seemed to have the result of what I needed, I put them all in an order (this is not the order I am putting them onto the quilt with!!) just so I can see how big I want it and how many t-shirts I do actually want on the finished product. This took quite a while, as when I was organizing it, my family kept adding shirts to it, until I finally got the above picture! There are 24 shirts in total. 6 down, 4 across. 

Step 2!

Step 2 is pretty easy. Wash them! put all the shirts into the wash (WITHOUT fabric softener) and then put them out to dry. Make sure its not machine dry. :) Unfortunately, when I set to dry them, it was raining, so I did the smart thing: checked the rain radar and worked out the exact times it would not be raining. It worked! I hung them out, went to meet my friend for coffee, came home and they were perfectly dry. 

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