Sunday, 22 December 2013

New books in the works!!

Have you ever read the beginning of a book and really wanted to know what happens next??
I did that today, except with the beginning of a book that I had started to write 2 years ago.

I was going through all of my old documents saved on my computer and came across these 3 stories.
I remember writing them, but I have no idea what was going through my head when I wrote them, and as I sat here reading them all, I realized that I really wanted to know what happens next! It was as if I was reading some one else's work!

I was excited to find them, and now I can work on them a little! My brother-in-law is a writer, and is currently editing his 4th book, has ideas for a 5th, and is constantly talking about it. I am loving hearing all the talk that goes into these books and works of art, that I am desperately wanting to create one myself!

I am pretty sure that my blog is going to change a little bit over the next year, and my content is going to change a decent amount, to change with how my own personal tastes change. I will keep in touch of how the progress is going, because I have a feeling that I am going to be quite obsessed with the thoughts of these books, as it grows over the next couple of months.
I am off to hopefully do another thousand words!
I should be doing one last post before Christmas with all of the Christmas decorations and what my studio looks like around this amazing time of year. :)

See you then!

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