Saturday, 21 December 2013

Creating 2014 Goals

Hey guys! We are back in business! I have had a tough 3 months trying to get my business of it's feet and actually doing something for me, and I am so, so excited with its progress! We had our first market last Sunday and while it wasnt a massive success, it still helped us out considerably. My camera, while still not clean, is working again, so I am trying to take some more photos...I just need it clean now!

So seeing as the year is close to finishing and after christmas is usually a time that I dont want to be writing blog posts or doing anything except working off all the food I ate, I have decided to write my 2014 Business Goals now. I will review them in a couple of days to see how it is going, and if I need to add anything, but I am liking how they look.
I have written them in the back of my 2014 business diary, so I know where they are every time I need them.
I am expecting that 2014 will be mine (and Miss Owl B's) massive year, so I am preparing early!

Back to the goals.
I am a list girl. I love writing lists, I love reading lists, and I especially love checking things off lists!
because of my list obsession, I write lists with a lot of things on them so that I can check more off.
I have written all of my goals in short, easily attainable goals.
Now that doesnt work for everyone. I know someone who likes to have 1 or 2 giant goals and keeps aiming towards them.
If their goal was 'Quit my day job.' mine would be 'Earn $5000' 'Make double the sales in Etsy' 'Figure out a budget' etc. I make my goals much more specific.
Well, I finished them all off and they are written in the back of my diary, and all ready to be used!
I am going to start my personal goals for 2014 soon. I needed to be on holidays first :)

Well, I just thought I should tell you I am back :P I am working on the scripts for some new YouTube videos! Videos are something I want to start trying out in the new year, and work with a slightly different medium to what I am used to. All part of the creative 2014! I want 2014 to be as creative and 'me' as possible.

I have been reading over all my old stories and poems and am super keen to get back into writing again. I have so many book ideas that are just bursting at the seems, I just have to put the effort into writing them!

Well, I am going to head off and get some work done on Christmas presents! Oops! Damn working all the time!

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