Thursday, 31 October 2013

Preparing For Rain

So, I took a month of blogging to really catch up with everything that I needed to get done and to really figure out what was important in my life right now, but I am back! 
I thought of so many blog posts that I was desperately ready to start typing and editing and posting, but that wasnt what the month was about, so I wrote the title down, and briefly what I wanted to mention and then let it go for a bit longer. 
I took 3 weeks off work recently, my boyfriend (Tom) and I went to Sydney, we had our joint 21st, I fell horribly sick in 2 ways (as my break from work was ending, unfortunately!), my best friend was in Adelaide for a total of 3 days before having to go back to Queensland, and I only got to see her very briefly, I got a load of sales on Etsy and Tom's parents have gone to Fiji for 2 weeks, so we are housesitting! It has been crazy, crazy times. I have so many photos I want to show you guys, as well as many I want to take, but my camera is actually slightly broken at the moment, so I am waiting for that to get fixed and then can get back into that. 

Now onto the main point of this post. Preparing For Rain. 

Has everyone heard the story about the 2 farmers who both desperately needed rain? Only one of the farmers went out and planted the crops and prepared the soil. Which one of the farmers trusted God to give him what he needed? 

I am not married. I do not have kids. I am currently getting ready for those things to happen, I know what I want my future to look like and I am getting that all organized now. I know a lot of the things I want are going to take several years, so perfect time to start! I would like to share a few of them now. 

One of the main ones that I want to do is have my future little children speak Spanish. I speak/write it intermediately and I read it very well. I learnt it from years 8-12 and I am currently taking night lessons in it as well. I am getting ready for something that I want to pass on to my children in 5 or so years, when I have kids. Spanish (and language in general) is something that I am hugely passionate about, so I am quite committed to learning all this. 

Another children one is that I would love to home school my children for primary school. But I know as soon as I say that I am going to home school them, that I will get some bad parenting looks or comments on the whole socialization debate. How am I currently preparing for this? Research, research, research! I am getting information that I might need in the future, as well as motive for wanting to teach my little ones the curriculum they need to thrive in this world. 

If you follow my Pinterest, you will see all of the wedding, baby, Spanish, marriage, future things that I have! I am on Pinterest a lot, which I definitely use as the dream board for which it was intended. 

I like to think that I am preparing my future for the life that I want to live. 
I hope you guys are all living how you want to be, or are starting to work out how you really do want to live.
How are you preparing for rain?

I hope everyone is having an amazing day/night! 
I would say happy halloween, but I am not a huge fan of halloween! (Yay, cheap chocolate!) 


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