Thursday, 22 August 2013

Oops! slash Outing!

So, I do feel like a bit of an idiot.

I didn't upload the link for my Etsy shop. I was seriously in such a haze that day. So much to do. Anyway! Here is the link!

I'm silly. I know.

Alright! So I have been dying to go to this cute little shop, that I found on facebook, for a long, long time. I decided the other day to head there today as a little present to my self (we all deserve little treats!).
If you live in Adelaide, head to Cross Road Collectables. I loved it just from seeing pictures of it and loved it even more when I visited it. It happened to be absolutely pouring with rain today and the wind made it even more harsh, but my boyfriend and I braved the weather to go (Yay, for nice and dry inside!).

One of the rooms full of old/vintage/secondhand books

More books!

Part of the music room (old records, radios,
sheet music, cassette tapes etc)

Another part of the music area
So, I only took a few photos (I was too busy perusing) but it is just one room after another of old items.
The store is actually 2 neighboring houses joined to create this store that seems to go on and on.
When I told my dad about it, he joked that it would be one day be my house. Thanks, Dad.

All in all, A great place! My boyfriend kept mentioning how much he would love to come back. We bought a book of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare, A few Trixie Belden books (seriously, im in love again!) and an old  smallish sword, which I am quite looking forward to using to decorate, but I don't think my boyfriend had that in mind. Oops!

Anyway, its late now and I still wanted to get 2 more things done before bed. Third oops is the charm!

Goodnight/ good morning!

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