Sunday, 18 August 2013

Etsy Shop Opening Eve Eve

Okay! So while the title gives away my new surprise, i am so happy to announce that my new Etsy shop will be opening in 2 days time! Argh!

For those of you who don't know (I have been deliberately keeping it a secret for a while, so I will be surprised if you did!) I have started hand painting blank canvas shoes! I started making them for birthday presents for my friends and family and people have since then wanted to actually buy them, so I am so grateful for those who have wanted some! Even my Nana has pre-ordered a pair. I think that is pretty cute, also she reads this blog, so hey, Nana!!

Ones I finished last night! My boyfriends Poker shoes! 

My TARDIS Doctor Who Shoes

Thing 1 and Thing 2!

So, I am very excited about finally getting this off the ground! Today has been figuring out all the behind the scenes business-y stuff, so I am getting closer and closer to finally getting this open. My original open date was 3 months ago, and then 18 days ago and now I am finally not going to put it off any longer!

It's nice to feel like I can do something thats decent enough to sell, we will see how we go! :D

Thank you all for your support and I will see you at the grand opening of my store in 2 days! I am thinking a little online party is in order! 

Thanks so much, have a lovely, lovely day! 

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