Saturday, 2 February 2013

Rain, Rain

Its a spectacularly rainy day here in the south of Adelaide, and what better way to spend that rainy day then planning, goal-setting and organizing. We were set to retry blackberry picking, but because of the weather, we have decided to stay in today instead. It's the type of weather that just makes everyone lie around in bed all day and not bother moving. A Facebook status a friend wrote this morning was; 'If it cant be done on my phone or from my bed, it's not going to happen.' Too true! But I am actually looking forward to setting some more directions for my life, and I plan on doing that today.
I love writing lists...and cold weather!
So ultimately the best day for me!
I might make a post about it in the future!
I have a few posts already lined up, I just have to type them up and set them ready! I love reading everyone else's blogs, and I have lots of good ideas brewing! Now, I just need the time to do it :D

Well, I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

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