Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How to cope with lonely?

Hey guys! My main goal this week was to read a whole bunch of books in order to have some book reviews in my queue. I go through stages where I cant be bothered reading anything and I just want to watch TV all day, or times when I want to read every second of the day.

Just a quick word about the book reviews.
Most of the books I review, wont be recent. I like reading books that have been out for a while, just so I can  get used to the authors writing and then see how it changes after several books/years. All the books I read, should be able to be found in your local library or bought for cheap off the internet, if this changes, I will let you know!

So my goal of reading as many books as possible this week, I'm doing pretty well. (My actual goal was finish 4 books) Its Wednesday night and I am up to halfway through book 3. Not too bad!

The mister is working two jobs at the moment, full time one, part time the other. Well, one is a placement for his uni course (thank God it's over in 1 more week!) I have been by myself a LOT, in the last 2 weeks, and I am finding plenty of time to read. Unfortunately, it leaves me being lonely for the few days that I dont have work!

I have always said that I dont want to work. I dont like working, and i know my boyfriend doesnt like me working. (I get very stressed and my moods go all over the place. Luckily, i changed positions at work, so much better!)
But after this week of being alone, I love the social interaction that work gives me. I get to meet people, and I dont feel so lonely all the time.

I find myself turning on the tv, or radio just to have some noise. It's an odd sensation, being alone. I'm yet to get used to it.

But I have my blog to keep my company for now, its nice to be able to let my thoughts out of my head.
I'll just sit here with a lasagna dinner meant for two, and wait till I get my boyfriend home.

Have a nice night!


  1. So you're trying to read 4 books this week?? That's incredible. We're reading "Cinderella Ate My Daughter" for our blog's bookclub this month (come join!), but I haven't managed to open it yet because school is too busy.

    What's your favorite book so far this week?


  2. haha, I've always been a big reader!! :P I would love to join! That sounds exciting :)

    I really like the book I just finished, 'French Kissing' by Catherine Sanderson. But that will probably change as soon as I finish another one :P

    Do you have a favorite?