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French Kissing-Catherine Sanderson

French Kissing-Catherine Sanderson


'Name: Sally Marshall Status: single mother Age: 32 Nationality: ten years in France, yet still English through and through. I like: living in Paris, playing with my daughter Lila (four years old), the company of good friends, the smell of baking bread...

So reads Sally's ad, posted on a French online dating site called Rendez-vous, Sally left Nicolas, her boyfriend of ten years and Lila's father, after she discovered that he was having an affair with his secretary. Six months have now passed, and although most of the time she feels like she's just dashing around like a headless chicken, Sally's beginning to bounce back. 

But making a new start is fraught with complications. As she meets freshly-single Frederic for a drink, spends the night with charmer Manu and runs away from ex-pat Marcus, she wonders: can she find a way to reconcile motherhood with single womanhood? To what extent can she keep Lila and her love life separate? And is she truly ready to turn her back on Nicolas?'

 My Review:

First Thoughts: 
I knew this book would just be a nice, simple book to read quickly. The front cover was cute and it seemed like an interesting concept. 

Final Thoughts:
I actually really loved this book, the language was interesting and the main character, Sally, didnt get on my nerves so much! As the book is set in France, there is quite a lot of French language written in it, which was a nice challenge for me (I speak a little French). The only criticism I have is that at one time she acted a bit like a child, but I can see that this is her first time learning how to be a single woman with a child, and it sort of justified it a little bit. I really enjoyed it. Well worth a read :) 

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