Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sickness is really not fun

So for the last week, I have had a horrible cold, mixed with hayfever, which equals a very unwell Aimee Owl.
It really just made me lie in bed all day and go off and on dozing and then coughing and not being able to breathe properly. I know. Just lovely indeed. I did manage to do a lot of things that I needed to do around the house and that was great!
But I was back at work yesterday, despite still feeling bad, and survived!

So here are a few pictures of what I have been really doing the last few days, while not very exciting, it certainly was a nice break for me! I finally got things I needed to get done...well, done!

My boyfriend and I bought little glass bottles and filled them with water and food coloring. It looks great when the sun hits it!! I want to eventually hang them up somewhere where the sun can hit it all the time, but that is not a very probable solution at the moment, so they just sit at the back of the desk, until we pick them up and put them directly in the way of the sun.

Our new water dispenser

We also bought a new water dispenser in the hopes that we will drink more water. And it's working! The dispenser is 8.3 litres and is so handy to have just sitting around in the corner.
You can also see my Cyclamen plant sitting next to it there. I originally had it outside because we have cats and they eat plants, but it was dying (as it was going to) outside, so I moved it to my boyfriends house! Now the leaves have stopped shielding the plant and 2 flowers have opened! There is now a third almost opened and I see 2 tiny little buds at the bottom. Here is another picture. 

I have also moved my microscope to Tom's. This way I can actually use it without wading through lots of stuff to get to it (as is the case with my house). I am set to sew a microscope cover, so I can leave it set up without worrying about dust. I currently take out all the lenses and put the case on the eyepiece in an effort to stop it from getting too dusty.

I got a decent amount of painting and drawing done while sick. Always a good benefit of being off work! 
I also started making a few new things for my soon to be opened shop, which I will be posting later. 

Anyway, that is pretty much what i have been doing the last 2 weeks. I have to put in a full week of work (compared to my normal 3 days a week!) to make up for it, so that is less than fun!

I really hope you are all having a great day/night!
Thanks for checking in!

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