Monday, 10 June 2013

Sea&Vines Festival

So Adelaide has a lot of wineries. I'm not an expert, in fact I dont even like wine all that much, but we have a lot.
Over this long weekend, McLaren Vale had their Sea & Vines Festival. Pretty much, all of the dozen or so wineries in McLaren Vale have an open day and have all their cellar doors open, invite food shops to sell,live bands and to just show how the vineyards are.
It was my Granny's birthday today, so my whole family decided to head down to one of the wineries and have an afternoon out. We went to Leconfield Winery and the band was Sam Brittain. What a perfect afternoon for it!

Well, I hope that you all had a great public holiday, for those who had it. I'm back at work tomorrow (which I am not looking forward to) and I am really behind on my painting, so I wont be posting tomorrow, but I'll see you soon!

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