Friday, 1 August 2014

New Designs on Etsy!

Well, I am busy filming all of my activity of the day for my 1st of every month videos, but I thought I would quickly share an update that I am in the middle of on Etsy.

I am putting a lot of new designs up on Etsy as we speak!

Mountain Men-Original Design

Baseball (can also do basketball, football or soccer ball!)

M&M's. Can do all the colors and they dont need the face on them!

Ben 10! 

Origami! Can do a lot of other animals as well :) 


So there are 6 shoes that will be up by the end of the day and I have about 22 designs that are ready for shoes but haven't made it on yet, so you can expect a lot in the coming months! 

Love to all! 

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