Monday, 31 December 2012

Cliched New Year post

Okay, I know. Everyone does a post about what they want to achieve for the next year. I'm no different.
I've had a very busy year this year, so many changes!! So 2013, for me, is all going to be about leaving my teens behind officially and finding out who I am as a person, with my art (whatever the art of the moment is!), and trying to balance all the crazy, stressful things life can through at me. 

2012 was a good year. But 2013 will be an amazing year. 

Here is my list of things that I am going to do to ensure that 2013 will be amazing. 

Resolution numbers 1,2, and 3: My photography,art and music. 
This is a huge one for me. I know putting 3 into one was risky, but we can do it!
I just bought a Canon EOS 1000D from my sister-in-law, when she upgraded. I am in love with it, despite not being much of a photographer. Where she does portrait photography, I take photos to reference later for art.  So not much of a need for a camera, but that doesnt stop my excitement for this one!!! I have 6 photo albums i would like to fill (Im an old-fashioned girl, i love photo albums, record players and hand writing.) This new camera should make it easy!

The typical new camera first photos photo :P

I have several art projects going on. As always. I have mentioned the DIY Roller Blind Painting here, but its back again. Nothing more done on it. Still just over my window. 

That unfortunately is my main goal, and when it is finished, its going to be amazing! 

I play a lot of instruments, which i love. Pretty much keeping working on them is my goal for 2013. Actually making time for them is a priority. 
Goal #1: 365 photos. I want to take a photo every day of 2013. With my new camera, i shouldnt have a problem!! 
Goal #2: Finish painting the blind. To be able to have it completed will be amazing!
Goal #3: Learn 2 new songs on each of my instruments. Starting nice and simple for the first goal :) 

Resolutions number 4 and 5: Family and Friends
Being busy has its toll on not just you, put the people around you. I need to remember to focus on the people around me to make sure they feel valued as people in my life. For me, this also means not being lazy and actually going to things that are planned. Oops!  

Goal #4: Limit my 'Saying No' option. I constantly say no to things, just because i feel like just sitting at home and doing nothing. (Unfortunately, my boyfriend is the same, leading to neither of us not doing things!) 
Goal #5: Make the people in my life feel special, remembering details about them and what they've been up to. 

Resolution number 6: Stressing less!
I had a doctors appointment late December, and I was told I had high stress. She gave me a few ideas on how to have less stress, but my problem is really just time management. If I can do that, my stress levels should go down and I can go back to feeling normal again!! 
Does anyone have any specific time management or stress-free ideas? Any will be welcome!
Goal #6: Get more organized with time and start some reduce stress techniques.

Resolutions number 7 and 8: Healthy eating and fitness
I know that everyone adds these two biggies to their resolution list, but I reckon its one of the important ones for my life. I need to eat healthy to gain the weight that I have lost. I only have 4 kilos to go till im back in the healthy range. So many people complain to me that I'm too skinny, without thinking that I'm trying to gain it! I dont mean to! I promise! 
Making sure healthy eating ties in correctly with my fitness level is a hard one. I do a lot of exercise, with little time to eat, so time to balance those out!
Goal #7: Start cooking my own meals, instead of takeout, so I know whats in it. Make sure I keep treats as a treat, and not an everyday item.
Goal #8: Gain those extra few kilos, while doing a correct amount of exercise. 

Resolutions number 9 and 10: This blog, and my other interests
Getting this blog up to scratch is something I would really love to do. Over the last six months, I have been compiling lots of ideas for blog posts and layout, and seeing what others have done so I can different.

I'm really excited to start properly, and hopefully 2013 is the year! Still need a lot to get it started and to get my motivation to keep at it, but as I said, this is my year. I can do it! 
My other interests that I want to work on:
-Finishing my huge pile of 'must read' books. Seriously, the pile is almost bigger than me. 
-Working on sewing some new clothes. I have so much material, ideas and equipment, just not the time! 
-Study. I dont go to university and im not in school, but I love learning. I love to buy old textbooks, or find something interesting online. I think if I went to uni, i would never leave. 
Goal #9: Get this blog looking great! Pretty self-explanatory :P 
Goal #10: See above. :)

WELL, there we go!! Pretty extensive for just 10 things. But I am excited, and I hope you are too! 
What are some things you want to do for a resolution? 
I will be posting my 365 photos on here, as well as my Flickr account (MissOwlB), I'll do it by week here, but by day (hopefully) on there. :) 

I hope you enjoyed the read! I would love to hear your comments or ideas!

Have a great new year!
-Miss Aimee Owl. xx

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